About COL



Trainings are arranged on Mondays (strength training and floorball) and Wednesdays (orienteering or running, often low intensity). On Mondays the training is held in the sports center in “Chalmers Kårhus” and on Wednesdays we gather in “Vera Sandberg Salen” (just upstairs from the sports center). The training starts 17:30 both days so be there and ready some minutes earlier. The floorball begins right after the strength training ends (18:30). After the training on Wednesdays we normally eat together at “Vera Sandberg” to the price of about 25 SEK.

The training plan for each week is published in Chalmers OL:s Facebook group, which can be found here.

Social activities 
In addition to the training activities we arrange a few parties during the terms, for example the Christmas Party or the celebration of the achievements made in Swedish Orienteering Championships (the “SM-fest”). Keep an eye on our webpage where further information will appear.

Join the society?
If this is something for you, you can apply for membership by inserting 150 SEK to our bank giro account 5534-0756, BIC: HANDSESS, IBAN: SE31 6000 0000 0003 2983 9268. The payment is done in the autumn and you will be a member during the autumn and spring semester. Remember to mark your payment with “medlemskap” as a message, and send an email to medlem@chalmersol.se with your name, social security number, email adress, and name of your student union (if you have any). Your data will be stored according to GDPR, and by becoming a member you agree to these terms.

Otherwise, feel free to join us during one of our activities, or send an e-mail to our president/”ordförande” Nils Hammaräng Grip, ordf@chalmersol.se, 0709480094.