About COL

Chalmers OL is an orienteering club, mainly for training, but we do have some other social activities a few times a year as well. If study somewhere else than at Chalmers or don’t study at all, that is no problem, you are just as welcome anyways!

We have a semi-fixed schedule that we follow during the semesters. In the summer we don’t have any activities since many of our members are out of town.

Strength training at 17:30, mostly in the sport center in the union building but sometimes outside. The strength training differs from week to week, but the focus is often on the core. After the strength training, at 18:30, we train one hour of floorball for those interested, the times we train inside. Possibility to change and shower in the union building.

Wednesday and/or thursday:
Orienteering or running, mostly low intensity but sometimes of higher intensity (for example ”keps-OL”, relay training or club competition). We gather at 17:30 and mostly in the union building or at Skatås. The running trainings are mostly done on paths and roads. The orienteering is often done in Änggårdsbergen or Safjället when we meet at Chalmers. Usually we leave bags and eat food after the training for about 25 SEK (which we take turns in making) in the Vera Sandberg room, which is two stairs up in the union building. Possibility to change and shower in the union building.

Besides this we also have some club championships every year. We also have a ski trip in the beginning of every year, often to Norway.

The training plan for each week is published in Chalmers OL:s Facebook group, which can be found here. Here the training plan for every month is also published.

We don’t just train, but also have time for other activities. Here is some info about the biggest every year:

  • SM-party that is often arranged in September. We celebrate the achievements made in Swedish Orienteering Championships at a big party. Shouldn’t be missed!
  • Christmas party in December. A coze event that is a light in the winter darkness.
  • Beer-orienteering and following party in the end of the spring semester. The hardest competition to win of the year?


So you are interested of COL? CO(o)L! To join our association you have to be a member. 

Why should you be a member of Chalmers OL?

  • The possibility to participate in our activities, such as trainings and other stuff
  • The possibility to compete and have a chance to call yourself the club champion in our club championships!
  • The right to take part in COL:s annual meeting and the right to vote on this meeting regarding the future of the association

Payment of the membership fee

The fee is paid yearly and currently is 150 SEK/year. The membership fee is payed in the autumn (could be done later) and makes you a member until the next summer.

The payment should be marked with first and last name and also the text “Membership”.

It is paid to BG 5534-0756 or BIC: HANDSESS, IBAN: SE31 6000 0000 0003 2983 9268

In addition if it is your first time paying the fee an e-mail should be sent to medlem@chalmersol.se with the following information:

  • Social security number
  • E-mail
  • Which student-union you belong to

The personal data is stored according to GDPR, and by becoming a member you agree to this.

Still not sure if you want to become a member? No problem! You always have the right to join our trainings and try 1-2 times before you make a decision! (After this though we would like you to pay the fee for further participation.)


Chairman of Chalmers OL: Linnea Bengtsson, ordf@chalmersol.se, 0793349274.